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Introduction Language processing is an activity were busy with virtually every day, every time we engage in reading, speaking, or listening to speech. Occasionally we strain to search for a word or find the right turn of phrase, or understand what somebody else has said, but usually language processing happens effortlessly and completely subconsciously. OGrady & Archibald, Ch.12 0. Introduction We are never aware of the actual mechanisms and operations involved in producing and understanding language. Yet, there are many mysteries involved in even the simplest use of speech. OGrady & Archibald, Ch.12 E.g. a toddler points to an animal at the zoo and you answer tigers! How did you come up with that word so quickly from among the many thousands in our vocabularies? Assuming the word is stored in our brains, is it stored whole or in pieces? How do we know we have the right word once we have selected it? If we make a mistake, why are we more likely to say lions! rather than chairs! OGrady & Archibald, Ch.12 The study of these questions, and many others is, is the domain of psycholinguistics. OGrady & Archibald, Ch.12
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