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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chandan Narayan

Saussures Theory What is it Defines the sign as a doublt entity composed of the signifier and the signified Saussurean diagramsc circle represents a sign tree functions as a signifier bottom half of the circlerelationship bw signified and signifier is called singification represented by the arrows arbitrarinesssignified tanglible component or mental or emotional component signifier is an abstract componentconcepts are codependent in terms of linguistics the signified would be a real life concept and the signifier would be a sound image psychological imprint of a soundthe concept is personal and mental and is not tangible In a culture the concept will overlap When you have onomatopeic sounds you have something that is a little bit more iconic Still arbitrary though because its not the same across the world Arbitrary sounds are more like symbols The signifier and signified get to tightly enmeshed through use that we cant imagine it having another nameApart from the signifier and the signified there is something in real life There is that element too The real life treeSuperior wharf hypothesis Language will affect your thought and your thought will affect your language People who want to engage in propaganda in favor of themselves will create good words for themselves and bad vile words for others
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