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3rd Lecture Notes

Media Studies
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Ted Petit

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Kesayini Manoharan 3rd Lecture
Refer to definition of technology on 1st page
-Venus Willenforf (picture on 1st page): Is it a form of media?
=> yes because it reflects cultural values—it may be a fertility goddess
=>oral based culture; were not on the same mental map, unable to comprehend the
-putting a brownish red pigment on yourself for symbolic means (pg2)
-It is a form of media because:
-It is a part of a ritual function
-They are communicating to us by putting ochre
-symbolic importance for her culture, but the ritual significance is not understandable
Page 4
-Plato would be against token; every new token is hurting human capabilities
Page 5
Cuneiform Script
Alphabet came from caliform writing (believed by scholars)
Pictures: method of communication , recordkeeping
Method of communication
-long strands of cord, recordkeeping
Earlier method of communication, recording, ritual
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