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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Marxist Analysis

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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Lecture 2ABC news are owned by and controlled by other companiesOwnership implies control in MarxismAdvertisers are important for the revenue of newspaperSponsors and advertisers might pull out due to someones opinions or not congruent with their valuesWhat price do they pay for it for associating with itHow things can be shaped and guided and influencedKarl Marx for his influence in economics and a social thinkerAll kinds of ways his statements have impcted most influential of all timeClass differences oppression of a lower class how people are some way or in a other influenced by the rich because they influence the media and the worldEconomic system behind mediaoCanadaUSAWest value freedom of expressionoGovernments due have some control of about what they are actually doing like womens rights they take effort to surpress the media opinions about themWho owns controls the mediaoThe big fiveoDo they exercise the rightsoIs it owned by governmentoMarxists analysis should show how the shaping of the media comes aboutAre ideas spread or neglected by the mediaoWhats not newoDo we stop to think whats not in thereoNeglect is one of those things that are powerful for mediaWhat kinds of heroes are shown in the media
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