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Lecture One Media Studies NotesMarxist Analysis Everything we know is learned in one of two ways 1 Somatically things we know through direct sensory perception of our environmentthings look smell feel touch and taste like first hand unmediated experience 2 Symbolically vast majority of what we know things we know through someonethrough parents friendT textbook radio etcPrior to the advent ofmodern mass media people were the primary medium through which info was passedLimitations of this method info was tied to human modes of transportation transferred solelytraveled through multiple channels people so it was altered No way to efficiently communicate a uniform message to a large audience of distant placesModern mass mediaprint TVPersonal Media humans hand written lettersDIFFERENCE unique capacity to address large numbers of people in remote locationsMASS MEDIA Mass Media 1 Print media first mass mediumGerman printer Johannes Gutenberg invented first printing press in 1450 preserve circulate Knowledge could be recorded for future generations social power increasingly hinged on literacy ownership of printed materials circulation of knowledge to far cities across Europe Still limited by class distinctionsThis type of info is mediated comes through some indirect channel or medium Post modernity describes the historical period that began to emerge in the 1960s as the economic mode of production in most Western societies slowly shifted from goodsbased manufacturing to informationbased services Introduction to Marxism Marxism is both a theory and a social and political movement rooted in the idea that society is the history of class struggles Its origins lie in the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who collaborated on The German Ideology in 1845 and the Communist Manifesto in 1848
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