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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Introduction to Media Studies Lecture 1: Course Introduction - Television is changing , and we interact and consume these changes in different ways - Grading Scheme o Short paper (15%) (3-5), critical essay (25%)(5-7), Mid-term Exam (25%) (1-6), and Final Exam (35%) (7-13) - Interdisciplinary o Social Theory: study of media as it pertains to social theory. o How does media function, how do people consume, engage with , and how are they influenced by media? The different lenses of media o How media in terms of industries, messages, and audiences, shape knowledge, perception and understanding. o When analyzing media, you examine different perspectives. o How do we know what we know?  Word of mouth (we get told how to behave) , we also learn by interpreting other peoples actions and external observations  There is a medium in between  We learn somatically : through touch, sensory,  Special effects portrayed in the media influence our perceptions. (using green screens)  These special effects , question the concept of reality (video)  Is media just a mirror reflection of reality? We find that it is a constructed entity, and its unreal to the point where its referencing the unreality of itself. It becomes its own thing, instead of representing something in real life.  There are references and constructions being built on concepts that are unreal. There are trying to entertain us by placing reference to an unreal setting.  We must question the relationship between media to reality. Media is constructed and there is a purpose.  We have to question the voices of media? Why some things are presented the way they are? Its it real? Or are we falling prey to other people’s perceptions.  The purpose is for society to realize and understand when they are being manipulated to believe a certain image. - Facebook is the script onto one’s body. It’s an avatar- a representation of oneself within a virtual space - Your writing about yourself, and how you want others (society) to perceive you - Googlism , infl
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