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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

2128NovLobbyingBusinessGovt Relations Career PerspectiveGovt committeeOften the case tht when govt want to change regulations in an industrytrade neogciationsask business ppl to sit on committee to advise govtMembers get information about public policy issuesalso get to influence govt Advise govthave influence 5000 such committtes in Canada more in USPOLITICALLY objectionalwhat about the consumersoControversialgive rise to debate for that reason oOccurred in the USLEGISLATIONfederal advisory committeeRequires that committees be balancedall interested represented For examplebank bailoutsometimes only businesspeople Bankers public interest groups shareholders of companies tht are badly treatedgoes to court bc of legislationoCanadanumerous situationsrelied on various sector committee came under fire for too business heavy committee3 CASES ST1BUSINESS ppl on cost controladvise govt to be more efficient with public moneyoCoalition National Anti Hungercost control affects interests on the poorchanges to the welfare ND2FoodDrug ADMIN committeebiotechnological food producers their scientistssafe foods oPublic Citizenrepresents citizens sued to get in on the committeefolks have an interest in profitin conflict w dafetyrd3President Reganto advise on privatization assets of the govt oTreausry employee union representing public employees in the USsued saying a committee on privatization cant be just business people interested in privatization affect labour issues members going to be unemployed if privatization continues 4kindsofdebatesFirst 2 deal with mandate of the committeewhat does it have to do Business ppl will examine narrowly X1 refers to the interest of the poor consumers workers Business ppl saying our committee on a narrow onesimply discussing gaining efficiency not braoder social policy issues just from a financialorganizationallooking at cost control not boarder issues for the poorrFDA saying were looking at scientific issues looking a microbiological things in food things that scientists know best about it not about consumers healthwe should all be on the committee as scietistsprocessors no need to broaden to include consumers nThis position is precisely what they have denied Saying not possible to draw a clean cutMuch braoder than thisCost cutting in govt about social policygoing to do things concerning the poor Ex talk about food stamps inevitablyTreasurycant talk simply about privatizationsimply look for taxpayersbusiness not going ot understand how workers are affected unless were given a seat inevitably affects wages beenfits No right or wrong dependsThis argument relates to the other 3 Next Move by business folkslets say we agree about the effectsoThen its true that the committee also affects other issues as much
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