MGSC12H3 Lecture 9: Eye in the Sky Discussion

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Management (MGS)
Sandford Borins

find more resources at Lecture 09 – Eye in the Sky Discussion 1: Objectives of the Characters Powell & Benson - Obj:  Capture & then kill  Benson o Agree with Powell  Understood what they were getting into  Prevent a suicide bombing  Utilitarian o Greatest good for the greater number o Acceptable to kill one person in order to save others  Trolley Dilemma o Moving train, two tracks, you can either make it go on 1 track - 5 ppl or switch the track & kill 1 person o Power to choose Contraints:  Chain of command o Had to go through diff measures of authority  Kil % o Reduce collateral damage  Little girl At the end of the day:  Dealt with collateral damage  Change the kill %  Girl was killed Politicians  Objective was to capture the #4 & #5 wanted  Achieve the goal  Worried abt being embarassed  Kept passing up the decision - passing the buck o No one wants the blame find more resources at find more resources at Constraint:  Chain of command  Didn’t want to be the person to say yes  Guilt of killing the girl  Didn’t want to lose the propoganda war o Cared abt their image more than the girl o They would be identified with the decision to kill the girl o Don’t see the ppl you save, not identified Compromises:  Changed their mission to kill  Also had to fire the drone strike & deal w. death of girl AlShabab Objectives:  Take control of Kenya to enforce their religious orthodoxy o Client telling the girl shoudlnt be playing with hula hoops  Creating fear & panic to achieve political control  Achieve new supply of suicide bombers o Makign video to be broadcasted after bombing to encourage others to come forward Constraints:  UK & US operatives watching & on the ground  Time - too much time spent in the house Q2: Each country’s role & the challeges of working with politicans and military personnel Challenges: Kenya ppl in the truck:  Monitor the situation on the groun US:  Owned the drones  Eyes in the sky  American terrorist o Part of President's kill list UK  Commanders incharge find more resources at find more resources at  They were carrying out the operation Challenges  Pilot wanting CDE  Powell presenting 45% casualty when
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