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Lecture 11

Lecture 11-Polluting Mar 21

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Week 11 1) Bring the pollutee into the market - let ppl own the ocean, but privatization 70OL08O,7J0O43J4;844:L390OL2L3,909K0 gov 2) bring the pollutee into the legal system - have appointed ppl represent the trees etc in a particular area, and can sue on behave of the trees - in the legal system, those who have the right to sue others, can also be sued - so if nature can sue , then ppl can sue nature (ex. if the air above Florida becomes a hurricane, ppl can sue) 3) bring the polluter into the market place - using the market system (prices) to punish the polluters ex. Carbon tax - .,7-4397,080OOL994.425,3L0884-LJJ07.425,3L08K,;094-:2470>.,5,3 trade] - paying a price for polluting - objections: ethical issue is some things should be bought and sold [ coz ppl should have obligations] L14:,705705,7094,OO4Z.425,3L08945,,9,[9454OO:90ZK,989K0L11414L3J that and buying these coupons - anything we put a price on, we think its legitimate 4) being the polluter into the legal system -
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