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Lecture 12

Lecture 12-International Business Issues Apr 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Week 12 International Business Issues bribery: L9843O-7L-07L19K05078434:,7097L3J94L31O:03.0K,84-OLJ,9L4394,9KL75,79. - have an enemy, and hire a killer to kill the enemy you are paying a person to go against his obligation. The obligation the killer has not to kill 8420430L8,34-OLJ,9L439K,90;0743070J,7O08841,507843874O0 When we bribe, we are making them go against an obligation that a person has ONLY in that role. Conflict of development - the norms that exist in our country; differ from those in a diff country due to diff stages of economic development. - cant critique the practice - we can participate and do business in that country only if we are helping it move toward our own norms - L9Z4:O-0,O7LJK994:80.KLOO,-47L14:,O848:554795:-OL.8.K44O8 Conflict of culture - conflict would arise regardless of the diff stages of economic development because of diff culture norms - we can participate in the practice but we must criticize the norm ADVERTISING ETHICS 5 criticisms 1) whether a campaign contains complete vs. incomplete info -
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