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Management (MGS)
Mc Conkey

Lecture 2 Airborne Hazards and Human Health Case Study 1: London Smog, 1952 • A man guides a London bus through thick fog with a flaming torch during the 1952 Great Smog • The smog was the result of coal burning Case study 2: Indonesian Fires, 1997 • Smoke over lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia, photographed by the Space Shuttle Altantis • Smoke from fires set clear land for agriculture in Indonesia at one time in 1997 blanketed an area larger than the continental United States Airborne Hazards • Outdoor air pollutions • Indoor air pollutions Sources of Outdoor air pollution Air pollution from burning fossil fuels Health effects of outdoor air pollution • The effects depend on the dose or concentration Asthma -Particulates and/or SO 2an irritate bronchial passages leading severe difficulties in breathing -From 1983-1993 prevalence in the US increased 34% -The incidence among children in Australia was one in five, a doubling of the rate in less than 20 years -Indoor air pollut
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