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Lecture 5

MGTA36H3 Lecture 5: Treatment

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Management (MGT)

Treatment Introduction: A video approach will be the best method because it can show multiple scenarios of loss prevention. For example, it can outline the different forms of loss that occur in the store, show an example of a customer stealing and an employee preventing it and following correct procedure. It can also include a list of items not allowed in the fitting rooms and the maximum items allowed. It will also show an employee making a bill at the registers showing that it is counterfeit and how to act when in that situation. Content Outline: Total 3 minutes 15 seconds. 1. Introduction Slide - 5 seconds 2. List of how loss occurs - 10 Seconds ◦ Theft on sales floor ◦ Theft in fitting rooms ◦ Counterfeit money at registers 3. Theft on sales floor and how to avoid ◦ Intro slide - 5 seconds ◦ Live demonstration with actors - 30 seconds ◦ Tips and phrases to use slide - 10 seconds 4. Theft in fitting rooms ◦ Intro slide - 5 seconds ◦ Live demonstration with actors - 30 seconds ◦ Tips and phrases to use slide - 10 seconds ◦ Items not allowed in the fitting rooms slide - 10 seconds 5. Counterfeit money at registers ◦ Intro slide - 5 seconds ◦ Live demonstration with actors - 30 seconds ◦ Tips and phrases to use slide - 10 seconds 6. Procedure to follow slide - 15 seconds 7. Summary / Remember the code word slide - 20 seconds Production Considerations: ◦ Actors: There will be one actor portraying an employee and another portraying the customer causing loss to the store. These same actors will demonstrate different scenarios. A third actor will portray a manager in one of the scenes. ◦ Set Design and Costumes: The set will take place in a Topshop Topman store and filmed during hours that the store is closed in order to avoid interference with business. Costumes for the actors will be casual and everyday street style. The actor portraying the employee will dress as a Fashion Role Model (FRM) by store guidelines and wear the employee lanyard. Both will have on simple outfits avoiding logos of competing brands. In certain scenarios the actor portraying the customer will have large bags. The actor portraying the manager will also dress to FRM standards and have a manager’s lanyard around their neck. ◦ The Key Elements Included: Must have counterfeit money to highlight how to handle a scene with a customer paying with counterfeit currency. Must include large bags a scene where the customer is seen taking and placing items in the bag in order to attempt to steal them. Must have walkie talkies as the store employees use on a daily basis for when the employee must inform a manager in one scene. Must include clothes, accessories, and cosmetics from the brand in order to show loss. ◦ Overall Look and Feel: The video will have an informative, yet upbeat aspect to it. It will outline all the information and different scenarios while maintaining interest of the audience making sure the viewer does not detach midway through. ◦ Proposed Instruction Techniques: Using different methods of training in the video. Such as: • Creating Relevance: making the content useful and showing the trainees how it will improve their performance. • Organizing Content: Telling a story with the content by breaking it down with an introduction, body, and a conclusion. • Developing a Schema: use a partial outline in the introduction of what is to be shown in the video. ◦ Proposed Communication Techniques: The narrator will address the audience with enthusiasm making sure viewers are eager to learn. The narration will also be in a tone and manner where each viewer feels like they are being personally addressed by the narrator and video. ◦ How the Production Approach Will Relate to Achieving the Specific Learning Objectives: The video will demonstrate all forms of loss and how to prevent it from occurring. It will show the proper steps employees need to take in those situations. Look and Feel: This video will show the audience the information with an upbeat, entertaining, and bright aspect. All the informative slides in the video will be vibrant, yet simple in order to maximize the amount of attention the viewer will give. The narrators voice will be soothing, yet bubbly and cheerful to ensure the viewer is not bored. Copywriting Issues: No clearances needed. Technical Specifications: The Audience is the employees and all employees have an app called TAPP when they first get hired. This video will be displayed on TAPP which will also be shown at work on the store iPads during team briefs for existing emp
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