Lecture 5-Organization vs Individual Responsibility Feb 12

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10 Aug 2010
Week 5
Organization vs individual responsibility
Thomson [prof Harvard]
- in an organization when something bad happens, look for a place in the organization where both power and
knowledge came together , and have the power to do something about it. If so, then those are the ones who are
responsible for what happened. However, i(ξ€ƒξ‚šZ}ξ‚ξ€žξ€ƒΓZ}Zξ€‚ξ€šξ€ƒξ‚‰}Γξ€žξ‚Œξ€ƒξ‚š}ξ€ƒξ€š}}uξ€žξ‚šZ]vPUvξ€šξ€ƒξ‚šZ}ξ‚ξ€žξ€ƒΓZ}lvξ€žΓξ€ƒξ€š]ξ€šv[ξ‚šξ€ƒZξ€‚Γ€ξ€žξ€ƒ
the power to do about it. Then no one is to be blamed, however the organization should be blamed cuz its poorly
Γ† challenger case
- Richard F.
2) im not sure any type of mechanisms can cure stupidity , but anything can go wrong if the spirit is wrong.
Γ†But there is a grey area, b/w these 2 points
- ^}uξ€žξ€ƒξ‚‰ξ‚‰ou]PZξ‚šξ€ƒξ‚šZ]vlξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€‚ξ‚šξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€žΓ‡ξ€ƒξ‚šZ]vlξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€žΓ‡ξ€ƒlv}ÁÁZξ€‚ξ‚š[P}]vP}vUξ€ƒξ€Β΅ξ‚šξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€žΓ‡ξ€ƒξ€ξ€‚v[ξ‚š ξ€ξ€žξ€ƒξ‚Β΅ξ‚Œξ€žX^}ξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€žΓ‡ξ€ƒξ€š}v[ξ‚šξ€ƒlv}Á
what to do.
- When you are whistle blower, you are stepping out of your role, is the organization well design, so that when
you step out, you have enough knowledge with regards to what to do.
Case: American Cyanamid
- for most Americans, health insurance is what they get at workplace
- debates b/w employers and employees, as to what the packages should paid for due to personal conditions
- ξ€žξ‚šZ]oξ€ƒξ€šξ€žξ€ξ€‚ξ‚šξ€žξ€ƒYXÁZξ€‚ξ‚šξ€ƒ]vuξ€žξ€š]o}vξ€š]ξ‚š]}vYvξ€šξ€ƒΓZ]Z}vξ€žξ‚ξ€ƒξ‚Z}Β΅oξ€šξ€ƒξ€ξ€žξ€ƒξ€}Γ€ξ€žξ‚Œξ€žξ€šξ€ƒξ€Γ‡ξ€ƒZξ€žξ€‚oξ‚šZ]vξ‚Β΅ξ‚Œξ€‚vξ€ξ€ž
6 medical treatments
- Viagra
- Abortion
- Breast Reconstruction following mastectomy
not covered by insurance plans
- contra-ception
- in vitro t ppl unable to conceive a child, so they use scientific methods
- wigs for alopecm [bald]
- Some ppl find it that if they cover Viagra for a men, why not cover contraception for a woman
- They are going to pay for ending life (abortion) and not beginning it (in vitro)
- Would you go without breast or no wig (one can be covered, one cant)
- A legitimate treatment is one that helps us achieve our biological functioning , how many ppl are eligible for
a medical procedure would chose to have it
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