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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Music History II Lecture 8 Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) -influenced by Wagners harmonic language just like how Beethoven influenced Romantic music -increased chromaticism, atonal, instability -chromaticism sharpens and heightens passage -but, many chromanticism creates ambiguity of key -dissonance vs. resolution, tonal harmonic progression start to break down -Mahler is known for a conductor in Viienna and new York -symphony and song (lied) -compose no opera -manifestation of song that was composed for voice and piano -piano part gets expanded to orchestral accompaniment -purpose of expression, tone colour, textural capability in orchestra -theme includes life and death, twist of irony, parolistic way of looking thing -portray self-aware consciousness Kindertotenlieder -collection of 5 songs -based on poem by Friedrich Ruckert -wrote the song before death of his own daughter -orchestra sounds like chamber orchestra -clarity and transparency -reflection of sadness -metaphorical reference -tragedy takes place at night, but the world keeps going -switch in mood at beginning and end of the line -opens with duet of oboe and horn -klagend, expressiveness, to play softer -trajectory of B flat downward to D, opposite to sunrise in text -minor to major mode from first to second line, rising melody (opposite effect -warm orchestral texture (play of opposite, take ironic view of text -rich colour palette -oscillating figure -bell sound -harp, horn, bell, clarinet, oboe -string is not used frequently -2 stanzas, modified strophic -2 stanzas are similar, not but the same -orchestral interlude -each instrument has an independent melodic line
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