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LEC04NROB60 CORTICAL FUNCTIONS AND CELLS LECTURE OUTLINEFUNCTIONAL CORTICAL AREAS OF BRAINBRAIN CELLS PROTOTYPICAL NEURON CORTICAL CYTOARCHITECTURE GLIA CELLS1234 FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BRAINCerebral cortex is divided into 4 lobesWhat is each PRIMARILY involved in1 Frontal lobevoluntary movemtexpressive langexecutive fcningworking mem aka STmem 2 Temporal lobehearingsmellLTmemreceptive lang 3 Parietal lobesomatosensation touch pain Tspeech comprehensionreading abilityproduction of writingproduction of calculationvisualspatial fcning 4 Occipital lobe visual perceptionAbout Occipital Lobeis the simplest primarily involved w vision 5 FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BRAIN Notes to Considerthis pic is from Appendixthese divisions differ from those studied on sheep brainlateral view NOT dorsal view postcentral gyrus is posterior to central sulcus while precentral gyrus is anteriorinferior to both central sulcus and precentral gyrus is Lateral Sylvian fissureinferior to Lateral Sylvian fisusre is Superior temporal gyrusCentral sulcusdivides the two central gyri precentral gyrus anterior to it postcentral gyrus posterior to itprecentral gyrussite of primary motor area postcentral gyrus site of somatosensory area Correct InterpretationI think she meant that area of precentral gyrus is primary motor and area of postcentral gyrus is primary sensory yes6 FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BRAIN MAJOR SENSORY MOTOR AND ASSOCIATION AREAS OF CORTEX PRIMARY MOTOR CORTEXlies in precentral gyruscontralateral control of body movemtie controls movement of opp side of bodyex if its on Lhemi then controls Rside of bodymotor fcns are controlled by opp side of bodycontralateral controlPRIMARY SENSORY CORTEXlies in postcentral gyruscontralateral involvement in sensation involved in sensation from contralateral opp side of bodyalso involved w contraateral input wrt sensationASSOCIATION AREASbulk of cerebral cortex aka associational cortex the key base for human cognitioninvolvement in higher order processing for sep sensorymotor modalities integration of multiple modalities has lot of higher order processing occurring
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