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Lecture 3

Week 3 Notes

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William Seager

Philosophy Notes Lecture Week 2 class2 and Week 3 Validity and invalidity limiting causes Validity: an argument is valid if and only if t is impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion to be false Limiting Cases 1. necessarily true conclusions 2. necessarily false conclusions 3. necessarily false premises 4. necessarily true premises Philosophy of Religion Aquinas believes god to be true God is: Personal Omnipotent (All powerful) Omniscient (knows everything) Omni benevolent (all good) -A logical problem which questions the existence of god: Can god make a stone so heavy that he cant lift it??? If so then his power is limited If not then is power is limited 5 Ways of Aquinas WAY 1: Motion 1. In the natural world some objects move 2. in the natural world any movement requires a cause 3. in the natural world causes must come before its effects 4. in the natural world an infinite chain of causes is impossible 5. therefore, there is a first cause of motion
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