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lec 10- deontology

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ronniede Sousa

lec 51242012 101600 AM Summary of last lecture what is happiness and the problems with Aristotley Pure happinessyou are happy just because happiness itsels not other reasons you should not be happy for something elseo This is talking about instrinsic reason for being happy o The opposite is the instrumental utilitarian reason for being happyy Problems with Aristotles propositions o Why individuals have diffenrse definitions about happinessPursue different things if you are different persons because your destination is differento Only human can do intellectual contemplation This is a necessary component of humanand hence constitutive of happinessSome of the parts we may have in other animals oSomething have functions what about human What is the function of humanintrinsic and instrumental desisureif you have a function it is talking about instrumental meaningy you are being valuable for something in lifey its your life and our individual life pursuits tates capacities and enjoyment these are what make life worth living or not y so human being as suchhave functionwhich is talking about for other stuff y your function is to serve the state The god its not what you have in your life its something else in your life that make you a toola slavey so note the distinction betweeno instrumentalgood for something else o instrinsicgodd for itself human y so human as suchdont need function virtue thics y social animals
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