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Ronniede Sousa

ndMarch 223222012 80800 AM A reminder about fallacy When an argument is fallaciouso Depends how the argument is inteneded o A formally fallacious argument is acceptable in a scientific contex while an invalid argument is not working well in particular environment Begging the questionarguing in a circleNothing wrong logically Its not a formal fallacy whyOnly one premise whle the conclusion is the accumulation of the premiseso Formallynothing wrong with the argumento So the conclution cant be true without the premise being trueo So this is valid o But not any use Affirming the consequent Sometimes is true even the formal fallacy Its formal fallacy hence not compel someone to come to the conclusion Example This is not valid cant come to the conclusion from the premises givenbut a quite reasonable piece of evidence so If dont take it as deductive argument not to prove something But as a piece of scientific evidence then quite reasonable You can say at least it fits into the category that dinosaurs are warmblooded Singers arugment How can you know that the animals are conscious How can you know that they are capable of feeling pains
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