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PHLA11 lecture 2 -Philosophy-like and unlike religion, like and unlike science -No universal agreement. -When an agreement is made is becomes a science (psych, chem, physics..) -Valid vs. invalid arguments, sound vs. unsound(premises may not be true or prove conclusions) -Non decuctive argument, premises create a good conclusion but not the most supportive evidence. -Question everything. Issue of naturalistic fallacy- to take facts and determine what is good and what is bad. Propositions are true or false, arguments can not be true or false. A valid argument means that you can not believe the conclusion w/o believing the premises. An audience must persuade a particular audience, must satisfy questions and doubts. Subjective argument ^ Objective argument- with a goal in mind, not necessarily persuading the other person with logical premises. A legitimate argument is both. No such thing as a compelling argument. Just because an argument is valid that does not mean that all parts of arguments will comply with people’s beliefs. One must always bear in mind the goal of the person arguing. We are not good at understanding probability. Be careful with statistics, a test that is 98% accurate does not mean that if you test positive there is a not 2% chance it is wrong. There is a 20% chance you have it. The accumulation of facts alone does not show that something is valuble. “the bibl
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