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Kyle Menken

Week 12Human NatureFree market Many economists build their economic models with these 3 assumptions Solutions how free market approaches can be useful in conservationGreenbelt project government run mission and its bound to be insufficient according to them Defining Free Market EnvironmentalismIf your managing a piece of land you have a better idea of whats going to be suitable for your land rather than government bureaucraciesIMP people who engage in good land practises would have more money and be able to buy land and this would result in them being good sturatshipA bad analogyMaking a claim about human nature by saying that we have evolved like other speciesThere are certain exceptions for this ruleThey want to emphasize that humans are naturally self interestInclusive fitness etcEach of us is likely to be the authority of what we want in lifeIf we dont allow people to make their own decisions than we force themIMP the fact that my preferences are own does not mean that they are necessarily selfish Just because my preferences are my preferences doesnt mean that those desires are necessarily myself interest For example volunteering at a homeless shelter you could vote for political parties that wouldnt come up with policies that would benefit you Rich people can vote for higher taxes Punishment is important for solving collective action problem If you get people to pay economic gains Two people in room and give 10 for them to split One person purposes a deal and the other person gets to reject or accept the deal If other person accepts it they both get money and if they reject it them nobody gets it Person making original purpose the second person rejects it The minimum deal is 7 or 3 dollars One thing that you can do in this life that is not in your self interest in punishing someone because there is always a cost and it is nearly not in your self interest Ex Find someone cheating Not necessarily a self interest but they go through it for
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