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Kyle Menken

WEEK 6JamiesonoValue something intrinsically like loving your children value your children for themselves even though you have an emotional responseoAnother example is preserving art sourcesoCommon objectionWe can value things intrinsically not that we ought to value them intrinsically To make people think that we should value things intrinsically oFirst order ethical claims are about which actions are right and wrong etcClaims about the things being right or wrong or things that are good or badoSecond order ethical claims are about first order ethical claims stAbout 1 order claims or concepts we use when we make those judgementsoMetaethical claims claim about the concept of wrongness I am not using the word wrong but I am just saying the word has 5 letters Im mentioning the word ndwrong but not using it Mentioning the word without using it 2 order statement oResponse dependence view its meta ethical Its trying to tell us what we should think of ourselves when we use the word right and wrongoRationalist view if somebody does something wrong what that means is that that person is behaving wrong and that person should know that heshe is behaving rationally A certain individual is behaving wrongly and they should know thatExample is KantoMindindependent view wrongness is a nonnatural property There are properties that exist regardless of the existence of human beings There are no human beings these properties would still exist in the worldoWe need to move beyond values that are minddependent and accept mindindependent
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