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Kelin Emmett

November 7 Lecture 2 Thomson: As soon as we declare a fetus a human being: moral permissibility falls out She goes against this Some constraints exist on what people can do to you Pro-choice (slides) What does right to life entail? Adopting premises of anti-abortion argument The reasoning is invalid Assuming the fetus has a right to life that is equal to anyone else Case: Stuck in a hospital bed: someone is attached to our kidneys. That person is a famous violinist I am the only person with the right kidneys for the violinist. I have a right to my life/body, but the violinist has a right to live. Unhooking him would be killing him Would it be immoral for us to unplug ourselves and leave? No It is our body. We did not provide consent. We were forced/no choice For sake of comparison to pregnancy, let's assume 9 months No one denies we have a right to decide what to do with our body The argument is that whether or not this right outweighs the right of fetus Anti-abortion argument All fetuses have a right to life: including those conceived by rape and those by consensual sex Would even go so far as to claim that even if mother's life is at risk, still do not have
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