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Cathal O Madagain

PHLB09 2011 Lecture 4 Suppose two people are in a lifeboat with no food. If one dies soon enough, the other can eat him. If he stays alive, theyll both die. Can one kill the other? - Franklin Expedition o Not straightforwardly true that you can kill him Problem: our intuitions about abortion tell us o Abortion for rape is OK o Abortion where fetus threatens life of mother is OK o Why do we have conflicting intuitions? Thomson: o Because pregnancy involves property o The mother has prior right to the property which the fetus didnt have o Artist and kidney analogy for rape Health threat analogy: o If you invite someone into your house and they start to grow uncontrollable, do they have the right to stay? o Note, the question here is whether or not this person has a right to your stuff o The invitation is conditional upon your guess that they wouldnt turn around and try to kill you when you got there o If you knew about this before hand, then youd have every right to throw them out o We wouldnt give this right to the ordinary person, so why give it to the fetus? (Thomson) Thomson thinks no! o The fet
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