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Feminism - Session 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Lynda Lange

Feminism - Session 2  Q. why is the subtitle (A. Jagger) provoking?  A. little work done on global discrimination, so A. Jagger in a position to make big claims about how to proceed in the field  different global/national groups of women  great variations of situations (ex. financial situations)  note: care with generalizations,  'nothing' to generalize amongst women  can't do philosophy of feminism as such/theory  emphasis on three differences amongst women in recent theory  obscured recognition of disparities between women and men that are systematic  some basic feminism theory  women's unpaid labour produces a large amount of goods and services (ex. cooking and house cleaning: production, useful)  major theories (ex. political and economic theory)  have ignored women's unpaid work  force/sacrifice is what women's work seems like  women's work doesn't fit the market model and is thus, "untheorized"  "fundamental economic theory  human individuals act in a rational manner for their self interests  time used studies  as a result, until recently women's work was untheorized  women’s work doesn't fit the market model  now that it's noticed, how should it be interpreted  is it in effect, a subsidy for both governments and businesses  women and globalization  there's been a massive movement of women into paid labour during the process of economic globalization  compared to men's pattern, different (labor work, ex. mining)  women have moved into  labour-intensive manufacturing  domestic care work (ex. care givers)  sex work  migration of labour ("feminism of the global workforce)  ex. result of economic development/growth  five inadequate responses  1. ignore it  2. treat is instrumentally  3. treat it as natural  4. blame it on the non-Western cultures  5. blame the victims  1. ignore it  overwhelming response  violation of basic rights in this process  depresses men's wages (flood of cheap labor from women)  goods are cheaper now because of cheaper manufacturing  cheap goods (ex. fast fashion)  manufacturing is cheaper as a result of low wages and globalization  2. treat it instrumentally  would be better for women to be treated equally as men  would be better for women to receive equal pay as men  (ignoring women's rights)  3. blame it on the Western cultures  symbolism of the west, colonization  5. blame the victims  some women make bad choices  some women will say that's what they've chosen to do  Jagger feels that there's too much focus on individual choices because a menu of choices has been created  look at the situation of a person in a situational manner and the individual choices of subject, may seem rational  page 38  "a cycle of... power relations and decisions in both domestic life and the workplace where in each reinforces the inequalities between the sees that already exist within each other "  ex. a couple has a baby and the woman changes her work hours
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