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Rationalism Descartes Med 3

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Monica Boyd

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Descartes Meditation ThreeSo far the meditator has learned 1 I exist 2 Im a thinking thing and 3 I undergo a wide variety of mental states doubting willing sensing etcNow the meditator asks dont I have a criterion for knowledge yetMy knowledge that I am a thinking thing seems to consist entirely in a clear and distinct perception of that proposition so cant I posit as a general rule that everything I very clearly and distinctly perceive is true 34 clear and distinct I call a perception clear when it is present and accessible to the attentive mindjust as we say that we see something clearly when it is present to the eyes gaze and stimulates it with a sufficient degree of strength and accessibilityI call a perception distinct if as well as being clear it is so sharply separated from all other perceptions that it contains within itself only what is clear Principles of Philosophy I45clearplainly visibledistinctlyonly contains what is clear distinctly clear in your field of visionthe evil demon Is he still messing with our minds and makewhat we think maybe clear and distinct not be what it truely isif i can conceive of something it is possible it is truethe only thing standing in the way of the cd rule is the evil
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