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lect 3 meaning of life 1172012 91200 AM First assignment due next Tuesdaylife as such has no meaning the meaning of yourlife is for you to worry about not about me HappinessStory of Sisyphus o Offended the God and was hence punished to roll the stone uphill forevero Do you think thats a fun lifeThen what can you add to the stry to make it a fun life A desire A goal to be achievedBut are these two additions enough to make it funReview of last lectureTwo conditions of success o Subjective get the person to be confinced to be gripped by your argumento Objectivethe argument has to be a good one not just good enough to persuade this person 8 types of metaethicsquestions and answer from last weekis all rare things expensivenot really so the premise is not really true some arguments can be deductive invalid but indectively a proofthe deduction is not right but can indicate somethingwhich may be right o Socrates are men men are mortal hence men are all mortalinductive proof o Rats are animals animlas are four legs hence animals are all fourlegedo deductive wrong and not inductive proof Goal of the weekReasoning
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