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Lecture 3

POLB50Y3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Responsible Government, Hard Wired, Constitution Of The United Kingdom

Political Science
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Christopher Cochrane

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Canada’s constitutional tradition
- Current events: Prime Minister Trudeau addressed the UN general assembly in terms
of Canada’s position
What is power?
Money is what the people believe it to be (form of power)
Power is intimidation
Potential or ability to do something (I have the power to..)
Authority is key
The ability to get what you want
Influence and control
“Power is the probability that one actor in a social relationship will be in a position to
carry out his own will, despite resistance” -Max Weber, Political sociologist
This definition allows for degrees of power, the more probability you have to carry out
your will, the more power you have, vice versa
power is something that exists only in the context of a social relationship (between
implicates whether people think its there or not “i can have power over you even if
you don't believe that to be the case or vice versa”
What is coercion?
Coercion achieved by the threat of negative consequences (violence, threats, bribery
Coercion is power based on force
What is authority?
Authority is power achieved by getting people to believe that is right to do what you
Authority is power based on legitimacy
Obamas power exists because it exists in the mind of others
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