A+ Notes: Legislative Power

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Published on 1 Oct 2011
Political Science
Legislative Power & Representation
Canada is “indirect, indirect democracy”
“responsible” means power to act & held accountable for the power
indiv. ministerial resp. & Cabinet resp.
legislative branch more imprt in minority gov’t
legislative function: make laws & hold gov’t accountable
bicameral legislation = 2 Houses (upper & lower)
House of Commons Senate
308 seats
rep. by pop
confidence chamber
don’t need majority of votes in
riding (only need plurality)
105 seats
initially 24 from Atl (+6 for Nfld),
ON, Que, West
rep by region (not prov)
appted by PM, serve until 75
30+ years old
$4000 in net property
resident of prov. representing
to protect minority interest (ie. the
only have to show up once every 2
gov’t doesn’t need support of Senate
bills must pass 3 readings in both Houses to be law
1st reading – announcement, no vote
2nd reading – MPs debate broad prin., vote to refer to committee
defeat at 2nd reading is major defeat if gov’t bill, could be considered
committee – specifics 3rd reading – MPs debate specifics
goes to other House – could make amendments & send back
no override – both Houses must pass bill
Senate mostly “rubberstamps” all bills passed by H of C
bills can be introduced in H of C or Senate (except supply bills)
public bill (intro. by gov’t) & private bills (intro. by indiv. MPs)
Models of Representation
Delegate model: ppl elect rep rep express opinions of constituents
populist – kind of direct demo.
recall vote – ex. California
Trustee model: ppl elect rep rep exercise judgement about best interests of ppl &
country as a whole
party discipline? would force reps to think about interest of country
delegate & trustee model about rep. interests of ppl
Descriptive model: rep. depends on “being something rather than doing something”
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