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A+ Notes: Canada vs USA

Political Science
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Canada vs USA
National Economies:
- size of economy
- Cdn GDP (2010) = 1.34 trillion (USD) = 10th largest but not even 10% of
- USA GDP (2010) = 14.1 trillion (USD)
- USA undoubtedly global superpower
- economy of California > economies of all but 8 countries
- military expenditure
- Can = 20.5 billion (USD) = 13th largest military budget, not even close to
- USA = 663.3 billion (USD) = approx. 40% of world’s military spending
- Can. lives beside one of most powerful militaries
- US military budget > Can’s entire budget
Culture Consumption:
- in 2009-10, 19 of 20 most watched TV shows in Can produced in USA (exception is
- this mth top 20 songs on Cdn radio, all but 1 prod. in USA
- greatest Cdn song of all time is “American Women”
- if cdn exposed to Cdn culture, they might like it
- trade = 1.5 billion (USD) each day
- 30% Cdn GDP based on exports 73% exports to USA
- 68% of Cdn imports
- military operationally interdependent (ex. NORAD)
- culture – American TV, music, movies, etc
- not totally interdependent – Iraq war
- Can. refuses to participate in any non-UN approved war (but Can. took
larger role in Afghan to accommodate USA going to Iraq)
- Afghan war – Can. as part of NATO
Trudeau – living beside USA is like living beside an elephant
Canadian Insecurity:
- seek out and exaggerate Can-US diff
- gov’t regulations
- satellites – Amer. “technologies of freedom”; Cdn “death stars”
(unregulated broadcast of Amer. TV shows)
- gov’t restricts Amer. influence on Canada % of Cdn songs, TV shows on
radio @ peak hours
- anti-American stereotyping
- Amer. are ignorant, arrogant, selfish, violent
- Talking to Americans
- Cdns & Amer. not same on many issues (ex. death penalty, gun control, etc)
- share similar views on democracy, religious rights, etc

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- regional similarities (ex. Ont and NY, Alberta & Montana)
History of Canada-US Relations:
- Aboriginals arrive in N. Amer. c. 15,000 yrs ago
- Columbus “discovers” America 1492
- Cartier visits Mtl 1536
- New France 1663
- Plains of Abraham 1759 (Seven Yrs War)
- Declaration of Independence 1776 – life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
- Revolutionary War (US vs Britian) [Benedict Arnold – traitor]
- Canada is immigrant society – beginning with Loyalists
- BNA & USA relations, but not like today
- sceptical of each other
- trade partners but Can. trying to create E-W trade instead
- no imbalance of power – War of 1812 burn White House
- BNA’s biggest concern was uniting colonies, not occupied with USA
- Civil War North army right on our border manifest destiny fear of US lead to
Revolution and Counterrevolution (formative events)
- founding myths:
- “We the people” vs “Whereas the provinces”
- “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness” vs. “peace, order, good gov’t”
- Americans show ambition, founded by revolutionists
- Cdns found by settlers, connection to mother country, traditionalist, loyalists
Divergent Histories
- Fragment Theory (Hartz/Horowitz)
- Liberalism Locke, min gov’t
- Toryism tradition
- Socialism more gov’t
- national cultures of new world societies formed from fragments of old world
- these ideas existed in old world
- acc. to Hartz, Liberals left old world new world
- founded liberal society (USA), liberal tradition of America (everyone’s liberal)
- Can. had liberals, but also Quebec (conservatives) and toryism that got kicked out
of Amer.
- Canada is liberal society with tory touch
- acc. to Horowitz, liberal tradition (equally free) combined with tory notion (state
should protect weak) created socialism universal health care, welfare system in Can.
Americans Canadians
- reject monarchists
- democrats
- born from ambition, revolution
- embrace monarchy
Senate – elite, sober 2nd thought, fear of
- born from fear, caution, counterrevolution
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