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POLB80H3 Lecture Notes - Security Dilemma, Resource Curse, Hegemony

Political Science
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Matthew Hoffmann

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Lecture 3
Monday, September 22, 2013
Instance Exercise
Sovereignty, state exercising sovereignty (in Africa, asserting control over natural resources
within their boundaries)
Growing power of China, and what it’s doing with its power. Expansion of Chinese ambition
Limits of China’s power
Resource curse (development country had abundant resources, able to take advantage of it)
oDon’t have the full capacity to control all the resources (can hurt self, rely on external
actor, not able to take full advantage)
oCan run into problem in sovereignty and environmental degradation
Irrational states
oRejecting the money
Economic competition between China and the West
oGlobalize dynamics
oEmergence of new superpower
oChina been able to invest and do whatever they want in the country
oAfrica is trying to act the sovereignty over the natural resources
Con’t Lecture 2
Cold War history and Post-Cold War World
Impact of Cold War Today
oChange in type of conflict
Proxy warfare
In the early 20th century, large army, lots of gun.
Today: civil war, intrastate warfare. Change of type of conflict. No longer have
we had interstate war. (intervention of intrastate war form the outside)
Two large blocks, result of cold war. Conflict in the proxy block. Competition of
who was going to be in which block. Soviet and US supporting each side.
oProminence of the UN
To have an authoritative voice, security council has to agree (authoritative and
make binding resolution, call upon members to use force)
Majority and P5 (Russia, China, France, US, Britain) veto members to
agree (during cold war, very few binding resolution, disagreement
between US and Soviet Union)
Russia boycotting the meeting. Pushing back N. Korea invasion
P5 less ideologically divided. Prominence increase due to expansion of
oPrimacy of the US
US was the only superpower, undisputed hegemon.
oExpansion of international agenda
How do we manage the relationship between US and Soviet Union.
Shape what post-cold war looked like. Trace dynamics back to cold war, the legacy of it.
Thinking Theoretically
Questions to ask
Facts that are important
Stories that makes sense of facts
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