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POLB80H3 Lecture Notes - Multilateralism, Kyoto Protocol, Decision-Making

Political Science
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Matthew Hoffmann

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Terrorism and Globalization
Small group work
Globalization as Motivation?
Western culture values
Western power
oGlobalization not devoid of power
oRealist: military power
oHierarchy, distribution of power
Economic Globalization – capitalism
oCreate winners/losers
oEconomic deprivation (b/c living within social economic place)
oUnderlying sense of deprivation, oppressed by the global capitalist system
Globalization as Means
oaccess to weapons
oincrease air travel
Allows dispersed actions, spread words around the world
Real target: governments and public at large
oflows of people
financial/economic system
ooffer more target
oe.g. 911, struck a relatively limited target, had huge global ramification. World is
more vulnerable because of globalization.
Shared resources & cooperation on counter side
oSource of vulnerability (using internet to diffuse information) allow counter-
terrorism to go global
oUsing aspects of globalization, flow of people, goods, money, and ideas. Enables
terrorism in particular ways.
Human Security
Changing ideas of objects of security and threats
Freedom form
Basic understanding. Threats are multiple, human security should be about
protection from violence. Every individual have freedom from fear.
Disease, environmental degradation, poverty. Deprivation of multiple
E.g. UN video, Uganda project, protection of violence and also
ramifications of the war that occurred in the past.
Is it a good idea?
Traditional security vs. human security perspective
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