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December 1st

Political Science
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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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Lecture Notes December 1 2010
x Some people are willing to make
x Papua guinea wants to be independent but giving some sort of freedom
x Countries are beginning to seek other solutions other than fighting
x Denoting power
x Kind of like Quebec, have their own stuff but still part of Canada
x With elections we still have clientelism
x Institutions of society can help make and implement government for the people and by the
x The difficult he has is that the mission of their faith
x Doing nothing gives problems to their neighbouring countries
x Quarantine: tremendous amount of resources spend to prevent pirates to keep track of their
x Isolate the country
x Carve it up
x Integrate: hard for IMF to help Liberia not near Europe
x A good country needs to be near them to help them
x International: foreigners to come in and establish order
x W}ouWv]v}v[Áv}]v(PZv]v
x Not really helping
x Smells like colonialization and imperialization
x Neighbourhood watch: Bosnians and Croats helping Kosovo not happy because ZÇ}v[o]l
each other
x l}v]WZv]vZ}oÁ]v[Á}l
x Internal cohesion is indestructible
x Simple revenge could be like war crimes and then keep going
x Carry on the fight even though you have surrendered
x Justice??
x Forgetting the truth may be necessary to get the state forward
x Determine what happened and why happened
x The only way to move forward is to forget
x Truth may come with legal justice
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