POLC73H3 Lecture Notes - Selfishness, John Stuart Mill, Thesis Statement

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Published on 15 Oct 2012
POLC73 - Lec #5 - Oct. 9, 2012
John Stuart Mill - Continuation from Lec 4
How should England Govern Dependencies (Colonies) Abroad?
Settler colonies get representative government
Other colonies get "benign" despotism
Accountability to parliament does not work
The advantage of bureaucratic control (East Indian Company)
Daily Activity: Write the first two sentences of an introductory paragraph on the following question.
How can Mill state that the arguments in favour of representative government are "universal"
and also insist that they do not apply to the colonies?
Sentence 1: Thesis statement
Sentence 2: Explain the structure of your argument
Mill can state that his arguments in favour of representative government are "universal" in the
Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)
Aristocratic background
Visited America to study prisons and to avoid political conflict in France
Published Democracy in America (1835 and 1840)
Career as judge and politician
Key Goals of the Text
To convince his audience that democracy is inevitable
To "...educate democracy, to reawaken, if possible, its beliefs, to purify its morals, to control its
actions, gradually to substitute statecraft for its inexperience and awareness of its true interests
for its blind instincts, to adapt its government to times and places, and to mold it according to
circumstances and people."
Why study the United States?
In France and the rest of Europe, democracy is mixed with anti-democratic ideas, habits, etc.
In America, democracy is found in its purest form
Practical examples of what works
What is Democracy?
Sociological Definition: Equality of conditions
Political Definition: Representative Institutions; Elections
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