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POLC87H3 Lecture Notes - Hegemonic Stability Theory, Private Good, Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization

Political Science
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Carla Norrlof

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Hegemonic stability theory
Difference between empire and hegemony- empire control and hegemons influence
what difference does this make?
-A can get b to do if it has authority, compared to weather it doesnt have authority
-If A does not authority it does not have the right to punish
-Yet A may still do so. But in 2nd B CAN escape punishment, its not certain, where as if I was under
As authority punishment would be certain.
Benevolent Hegemon Model- a single dominant acto is nessasary for cooperation ( THEORY OF
How can this be beneficial?
-idea that hegemon state creates order and is beneficial (not a conclusion many scholar have)
What is benevolent hegemony and what can it do?
( KINDLEBURGER) Stats not only have single interest and goals but also have common interests and
goals- all states benefit from international order, cooperation and stability, good for economic interactions
Public goods defined :jointness of supply, non exclusion
When one state uses good it doesnt diminish the benefits towards another state
Non-exculsion-that one good is supplied its unbeneficial and costly to exclude any one state to be
Issue: even non contributors cab benefit from good-collective action issue
(Also not all goods can be jointly supplied, land, oil and those are exclusive private good, not pblic good,
not characteristic of jointness of supply, exclusion is easy
Another category: Club groups-i.e sport clubs only member derive members from club, easy to exclude
In politics this kind of good used to analyze alliances, so those in the group enjoy, but others can be
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