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22 Mar 2012

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Gendered Intrahousehold Dynamics and Microfinance
- access vs. control
o if you don’t have control it limits your access
o control is harder to gain
- practical vs. strategic needs
o practical day by day needs
o strategic needs- handcuffs on people in terms of access
- participation vs. decision making abilities
- measurement? How do you measure transformative changes?
- Masculinities: is a system of power relations among men and between men
and women. Gender equality has often meant more freedom for girls and
women to define themselves in new ways, but little corresponding change
for boys or men. A new perspective on gender is about a more productive
way of viewing power relationships to the benefit of both sexes. Also
understanding the gendered challenges and pressures of being male.
The basics
- where do people borrow?
o Microfinance Institutions small banks, one on one relationship with
the institutions, social collateral
o VSL groups every week bring money to the group (shares), lend to
one with interest (seetu)
o When familial relationships break down go to loan sharks
- What are they borrowing for?
o Small scale
o Non traditional (male dominated space)
- Fringe benefits
o Payout at the end of the year
o Only time to meet with other women in other villages
- Why focus on women?
o Because women pay back
- Recovery rates and interest rates
o Average interest rate 19%
o May lose social capital
- What does success look like?
o Recovery rates
o Negotiating power at the household level
- access to savings and loans will decrease household poverty
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