POLC97H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Voluntary Association, Natural Disaster, Civil Society

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2 Feb 2013

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Lecture 4 notes POLC97H3 Prof. Masri January 31 2013
Humorous Observations:
- At 11am, there’s only 8 (including me) people plus the professor in today
- Cold weather aside, seriously people
- People start filling in, one every so often, until 10 after
- The introduction slide still says “11-11”, nice to see his attention to detail
- He is still sickly, best to keep distance
- More than likely he will recap last week, a lot of repetition
- Strange sounds coming from outside
- Q/A period is taking up more time than it should, considering that we are still covering
information from last week
- Just as expected, not what was intended was actually covered, another overlap for next week
- Going to continue our discussion on civil society
- Later on will talk about
Last week:
- In many parts of the world, it is believed that civil society will lead to democratization
Democratization and civil society
- Does civil society necessarily lead to democracy?
- What happened in Russia in the last 10-12 years?
o The rise of Putin
o Introduction of Medvedev as Prime Minister
- Not all countries in EE transitioned into full democracy
- Are all civil society organizations liberal and democratic?
- Is the KKK slang for democracy, are they civil society?
- Civil society is a very broad topic, includes a wide variety of groups
- European and Latin American: empirical studies
Civil Society in the Middle East
- Is it an alien concept?
o Yes:
o No:
- There is a history of voluntary association in the middle east
- Even further back, a number of movements of association that were beyond the family
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