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Lecture 11

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

POLB50 Lecture 11 November2212309 PMCue ColumnNoteTaking AreaThe Policy ProcessGuest lecturer Erin CrandallBecomes important when our needs change Actors getting to participateWho makes decisions who gets excluded whos accountablePolicy processfor safetyHow intrusive should it behow much freedom should citizens getObjectivesExamine policy process in CanadaWhat is public policyCourse of actioninaction chosen by public authorities to address given probleminterrelated set of problems Dyck3 key problemsDefinition of problemGoals to be achievedMeans to address problemachieve goals Difference of opinions can be a problem 3 elements of Public Policyusing sodiumProblem We as Canadians consume too much sodiumGoalreduce sodium intakeComes from processed foods It will concern food manufacturers will be most affected How goal should be achievedRegulate salt content in processed foods ORPublic awareness and education activitiesCanadian Policymaking ProcessingCheck figure 202 in textbook6 phasesInitiationGovt bombarded with policy demands Not every issue will gain govt importance Decides demand becomes issuePriority settingDecide what to do what takes priority If to pursue particular policy use policy instrumentPolicy instruments techniquetools chosen to implement decisions Policy formulationIf approved sent to bureaucracy to formulate policy Depending on how technical it is might take timeFor some policies it is where it begins or ends LegitimationHow bill becomes law3 readingsIf party discipline bill will passStanding committees can make minor adjustments ImplementationIf implemented law will be effectiveUp to public serviceInterpretation Courts have more influence over public policy Doesnt have to have all 6 PM can decide and implementPolitical ExecutivePolicy MakingConcentration of political power in cabinet and PM facilitates efficient policymaking Doing right thing may not be popular thingAdvantage politically divisive but effective policy can be implementedEx Immigration reforms 1960sCan push through politically unpopular policy Insite 2011In Vancouver Insite is first govtsanctioned safe injection site in NAWhere drug users can use drugs safely clean needles supervisedInsite needed federal exemption Minister of Health indicated no renewal in 2008 would closelegal challenge POLB50 Page 1
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