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A+ Notes: Canada vs USA

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Political Science

Canada vs USANational Economies size of economy thCdn GDP 2010134 trillion USD10 largest but not even 10 of USAUSA GDP 2010141 trillion USDUSA undoubtedly global superpowereconomy of Californiaeconomies of all but 8 countriesMilitarymilitary expenditurethCan205 billion USD13 largest military budget not even close to USAUSA6633 billion USDapprox 40 of worlds military spendingCan lives beside one of most powerful militariesUS military budgetCans entire budgetCulture Consumptionin 200910 19 of 20 most watched TV shows in Can produced in USA exception is HNICthis mthtop 20 songs on Cdn radio all but 1 prod in USAgreatest Cdn song of all time is American Womenif cdn exposed to Cdn culture they might like itInterdependencetrade15 billion USD each day 30 Cdn GDP based on exports73 exports to USA68 of Cdn importsmilitary operationally interdependent ex NORADcultureAmerican TV music movies etcnot totally interdependentIraq warCan refuses to participate in any nonUN approved war but Can took larger role in Afghan to accommodate USA going to IraqAfghan warCan as part of NATOTrudeauliving beside USA is like living beside an elephantCanadian Insecurityseek out and exaggerate CanUS diffgovt regulations satellitesAmer technologies of freedom Cdn death stars unregulated broadcast of Amer TV showsgovt restricts Amer influence on Canada of Cdn songs TV shows on radiopeak hoursantiAmerican stereotypingAmer are ignorant arrogant selfish violentTalking to AmericansCdnsAmer not same on many issues ex death penalty gun control etcshare similar views on democracy religious rights etc
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