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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 2  Canadian context- different ways of thinking about Canadian society people do think about Canada and Canadian society in multiple different ways sometimes interchangeably  It’s not a either or nor thing you think about Canadian society in multiple different ways at the same time so you don’t have to choose two of these or three of these but sometimes different ways of thinking about Canada societies to click with each other those conflicts have implications not only for policies that politicians would propose but also for academics that make assumptions when they study Canada and also the assumption we make as citizens make  The 3 critical approaches institutional group based individual level approaches  How should we think about Canada? What approaches should we use? What idea should we use we think about Canada? how should we think about Canadians  We should have an assumptions about the context, some understating of the context and we also need have to have an understanding about individuals as in people  we might think we understand other people why people think the way they do -people are characterized but if we sit and think about why we actually believe something? we need understandings of individuals – these understandings are hard to comprehend  How to think about Canada ? How to think about Canadians?  Answers to both those questions shape our understanding of Canadian politics  One of the ways we can think of Canada is north American society  When we think of Canada as a north American society the elephant in the room is United States  Just to put it into perspective outline 3 ways of think about Canada in relation to united stations 1. Canadian lives beside a most powerful economic some debate about if USA is in decline or it will recover united states is the most powerful economy that the world has ever known.  United states gross domestic products- good produced in a certain amount of years is 14 trillion dollars a year.  Canada in comparison to the United statethis ministry we consider ourselves a smaller country however Canada is consider to be the 10 largest economy in the world  one of the things about Canadian society is that it’s a powerful economy when think about it world wide terms however its only 10 percent of the size of us economy  given that we live besides on USA it’s not surprising that Canada relies heavily on the united states for its own economy  30 percent of Canada’s GDP is produced by exporting goods and materials things we selling to other countries lumber oil manufactured products minerals 30 percent almost of 1 one in three dollars that our economy generates is made up from selling good and services we provide for other countries 73 percent of those exports goes to USA  “When united states sneezes Canada catches a cold “ Small in fluctuation that happens in United states will have implications in Canada  68 percent of goods we import comes from united states USA is a big supplier for Canada  Blackberry Vs Iphone Canadian company and American company  We have to compete with this massive economy there is benefits to economy with scales if you have to sell to millions of people that’s your market the cost of product tend to decline for a unit when you mass produce for example if only 10 iPhone were sold it would be incredibly expensive the more you produce the more cheaper  Every single day there is about 1.5 billion dollars of goods that crosses the US and Canada boarder- pretty good  In perspective Ukraine yearly GDP across the us and Canada border every single everyday  When think about Canada as a north American country and we think about the economy of this country we have to think about the monumental impact USA economy has on our economy we have to keep things in perspective we cant always compare ourselves to US because theyre beside us th  We may think of ourselves maybe being insignificant in some ways however were the 10 largest economy in the world so were not a small country but were smaller than the US who happens to be right beside us  Military – Canada lives beside the most powerful military country US spend about 700 billion a year on its military  US has a lot of military power in terms of advancement with a lot artillery while Canada has none  In terms of military power Canada is insignificant and weak compared to US  2 problems according to NAFTA united states and Canada have free trades in certain areas which means neither countries are not allowed to impose traffis on certain goods from the other country  Non traffics barriers don’t involve traffics is beneficial to countries for examples blackberry get subsidies from the government able to produce products cheaper blackberry gets to outcompete iphone  Provincial government in some provinces allocating land to lumber companies it was fixed cost Canada we have a lot of land not enough lumber companies if you want lumber you pay a cost it was really cheaper for lumbers so they can outcompete American lumber companies  Export of Canada lumber was limited so doesn’t manufacture doesn’t create too much source of income- Americans kept complaining th  Canada has the 13 largest military not even 3 percent of what US spends on military  US 1.5 million active soldiers Canada has 65 000  The amount of money US spends each year on military exceeds the total yearly revenue of federal and provincial government  We are minuscule in the North American context  In terms of relationship between Canada and united states US is a leading member of NATO  NORAD- military jets invades another country air space to test out aircraft- Canada and US participate in NORAD  Canada did contribute to the Iraq war and Afghanistan in support to Americans  We also live beside a country that is the most dominant culture 2009 and 2010 19 of the 20 th most watched shows were American shows  2012 10 out of 10 shows are from the United states and majority of songs played on the radio are produced in US  90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of US border  When television and radio channels were out we only had access to American channel Canada didn’t have a market to broadcast high quality channels  Canada was protected by subsides from all types of media a lot of protection from the government but had to produce Canadian content to prevent American broadcasting companies for taking over Canadian content regulations that had to be followed  There was satellites receivers beamed into space and Canadian could get access to American channels very convenient  Canadian had a different stake because it was negative impact on the Canadian culture because Canadian would prefer American shows over Canadian  Technological convergence when tv shows are accessible through internet such as American shows it is hard for the government to track some channels get blocked by government to prevent American culture invading our country  Thinking of Canada as a North American society is not something that we would just do as academics - former Canadian prime minister Tradeau lead from 1968 and 1979 again to 80-84 once remarked that living next to united states is like sleeping with an elephant even their small moves can cause damage  Canadians from the past century has been very preoccupied with the US and have been preoccupied with protecting Canada culture  Companies charges fees through let American channels play in Canada  Canadians and Americans are different when we look at them side by side Canadians and Americans are probably more similar compared to any other country like Canada and Germany  Confirmation bias- you tend to see things that tend to reinforce the stereotypes and not see things that contravene the stereotypes  Americans are bad travelers and Canadian are good travelers  Canadians are aware of these similarities- we look at the small differences and make huge distinctions like Americans are more religious than Canadians  Canadians are more aware of currents issues than Americans  Canadians state Americans are very violent in there country and as well other countries  Murder rates are very high in American than Canadian  One of things we will talk about in this class is the relationship
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