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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Week 8 Nationalism: see it in Canadian Politics, see it in Quebec, and see it in other countries -Manifestation of general tendencies, our inclination to identify with the group and take pride in the group, loyalties to neighborhood, provinces, cities power residing in where people believe it resides society, politics is collective and psychological, how is it seen? what does money represent? Value, used to buy, collective People have to identify with groups Talk about race, ethnicity, and gender Social construction, what role state plays in the construction? Shape people’s thinking of race (seen as something purely socially constructed) Race – physical characteristics Gender – socially constructive (differences between women and men)(how they(biological,pysiological play in society and culture?) Sexual orientation (aligns with the thinking about gender) Race, gender and ethnicity -is the social construction of these things what people believe about racial, gender and ethnic differences there are differences between people that are attributable to genetic, and social characteristic, and gender characteristic genetic (skin color) -> racial difference(ex. Slavery of black people, freedom of white people) (->) accountable for genetic and culture characteristic that matter social reaction is one thing that should be taken into account we come to identify with these ideas we can call these things identities It is hard to figure out where do these identities come from? Mommy Little Helper Broom Kit reinforce in children gender roles Old fashioned c
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