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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

The Challenge of Government in Canada Geography: Very Important Patterns of Settlement: Canada characterized as an immigrant society Location: Geopolitics Globalization: Manifestions of Globalization Geography: William Lyon Mackenzie King: Some countries have too much history, we have too much geography—we don’t have much history, but a ton of space—100 KM is not a long way in Canada, nore is 8 hours Meracator: Map distorts images of earth and discounts image of Canada. Population of all three territories is just under 100,000 -East west distance between Cape Spear Newfoundland is 6000 KM-North/South distance between Ellesmere and Southern Ontario is 4600 kilometers -Canada is second largest geographic size next to Russia. Getting Around: Travelling on a dirt road gives a different worldview on travelling. If you have a lot of access to technology in 1870, you car is not that good either—travelling is a challenge in 1870 -First priority for Canada was to build railroads to get around. It was a difficult work, requiring massive investment by both government and the workers. -1887 rebellion: Government could not get troops to supress it easily. -Resources: Lots of natstal resources in Canada due to it’s size, geographic issue affects energy and resource issue in 21 century ue to each province’s differing economicintrests. Settlement -Aboriginal people first here because of land bridge from Asia -Europeans learned a lot from Aboriginals in surviving in New World, Aboriginals had advanced government structures and alliances between different groups of Aboriginals 1492: Columbus discovered America…On a Wednesday 1497/1534: Jean Cabot and Jaques Cartier arrive in Canada, respectively. Lots of exploring, trading with aboriginal peoples. Lots of interbreeding, giving rise to the Metis French: Daughters of king sent to New World to Colonize areas faster, settled in Quebec English: Settled in US, got into war with French due to historical animosities. In battle of plains of Abraham, French ceded Quebec to British Acadians: Did not swore loyality to the crown, and so they were banished Americans: Formed in US revolution against British. Many loyalists did not want to join, so they fled to Canada as they were the closest British colony. European: Many Europeans settled in Canada in Confederation, but who? Eastern Europeans and Northern Europeans, who
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