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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
James Mc Allister

Week 12Thomas Mulcair leader of NDP convention most conventions in the past has been constructed by constituencies This was different in the sense that every NDP could vote In past it was only members of parliament who could choose Now its by conventions but its now run by Dwight Drummond Ontario minister of finance On Tuesday he brought down Ontario budget It included many cuts to Ontario services Cuts to universities student funding Because liberal dont have majority so half the NDP and conservatives have to vote and if its not voted down then an election Jim Flaherty Minister of finance Raised the age for old age security ParliamentHalf the time the MP is working on some sort of constituency workMP spends a quarter of their time in house of commons 1015 of time dealing with issues and developments and party work with their groupOfficers of the House of CommonsThese are people that are from all the parties form the house of commonsThey have more status and power because of these officesSpeaker Andrew Shire Elected by members of house of commonsSpeaker is supposed to be non partisan and not biasedBefore he was chosen by the government but now all the MPs get together and have an election and chose an MP to be speakerLeader of official opposition There the leading spokesman for the party Usually asked to lead questions during question periodParty caucuses made up of all the MPs from that political partyHouse leaders person who determines how legislation is to be handled during the house sits House leader gets together and they bargain who goes first and how much time should be allocated to it Important because if you have a bill and you dont discuss it it could sit there for longParty whips get Members of parliament out to vote Each party has a whip Whip is a also a shrink to MPs If MPs have problems drinking problem etc the whips job is to
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