Lecture 7: Feminist Approaches to I.R

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

POL B80 Lec 7 Oct 27, 2011 Feminist Approaches to Int’l Relations Difference feminism: values the unique contributions of women as women -sees women as more effective in conflict resolutions and group decision making -there are real differences b/w genders which go beyond social construction Liberal Feminism: rejects essential differences b/w male and female abilities , men and women are equal -argue against exclusion of women from positions of power Postmodern Feminism: rejects the stands of both the difference and liberal feminism and assumes a middle ground Female Leaders -Margaret Thatcher: iron lady (Britain) went to war to recover the Falkland Ilands from Argentina in 1982 -Indira Gandhi: (India) -Golda Meir: (Israel) Rationality: Rational Choice Theory -Maximization of benefits -not sanity or “in a carefully thought out manner” -cost/benefit Assumptions of Rational Choice -completeness:actions can be ranked in order of preference -transitivity -perfect info -individuals have cognitive ability to weigh the choices against each other Criticism -moral issues-if a homeless guy kills a guy to live in jail -social behavior/ collective action problems -stuck at the individual level/ not necessarily int’l level (humans vs states) Chicken Game -best explain int’l interactions and events than prisoner’s dilemma -sets a stage for loss to the actor that capitulates (swerves) first -2 equilibria (dominant preferences) -ex. Cuban Missile crises Give in stand firm Give in 3, 3 2, 4 stand firm 4, 2 11 Wars -armed conflicts between two or more states aimed at reorganizing a subjectively designed, geo-politically desired result -types include hegemonic wars, total war, limited war, civil war, Guerilla War Hegemonic War -over control of the entire world order including the change to rules of the int’l system and the role of the world hegemony -aka world war, global war, general war, systemic war Total War -waged to conquer and occupy another state -goal is to force the surrender of the existing governme
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