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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Jack Parkinson

lec 3 cold war history and post cold war worldflow no direct superpower conflictdeterrence stop them from doing something to threaten neutrally assured destruction world could come to an end at any minuteMADmutually assured destructioneach side if one attacked each other will be destroyed however this was what maintained the cold war neither side wanted to risk mutually assured destructionMissile defence stability of deterrence if unbalanced eliminates mutual assured destruction arms control stability of cold war based on mutual vulnerability arms reduce equally so that vulnerability remained1948 Berlin Blockade 1962 cuban missile crisis rely on MAD and deterrence to maintain stability works as long as leaders are rational and want to protect selfcrisis panic and paranoia tension and irrational decision making crisis also imply that you need to move quickly which makes it more difficult to maintain rational decision makingproxy fighting not fighting directly proxy vs proxy allies of diff groups fighting ex ally of USa vs ally of SU proxy vs superpower vietnam vs usaEnd of the cold war causeschange in soviet behaviour end of superpower conflict without war end of SU 2 years later death of a state end of soviet union empire 1989 ex yugoslavia and etcsoviet union dismemberment let germany go easy and evaporated cold war change in soviet behaviour in late 1980s openings within soviet union itself
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