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Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

July 19 POLB80H Tutorial Kenneth Waltz Waltz argument : IN waltz he cites nuclear weapon as an effect determinant support the arugmet with examples Major argument : nuclear weapons actually make the world safer Back in the time before nuclear weapons , war was unlikely because of the outcomes u just had some sort of probability. ( Better idea of what the results might be ) Nuclear war: cost of war is Waltz is arguing with nuclear weapons , with detterents its much more of a peaceful Irony you live under nuclear holocaust NW: most destructive , Instability unknown unknown publicly stating what the other side has . Your ability to create something that is going to protect you , ultimate threat because the other side would want to take it out Deterrent : credible effect Really limit your abilty to attack , but maintain the credible. US deterrents stage : give the nuke codes general , generals would still be able to send missile , which would DETTER this in the first place Point of detterent strategy : is that the other side needs to know the detterent I.E Dr Strange love: shows how ridiculous deterrence . Soviet has so many regulations and etc to stop them from a preemptive attack Cuban Missile Crisis reading by Graham Allison T  They took it more as a game compared to the lives that were at risk ;
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