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Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

POLB80H AUGUST 2 nd2012 Foreign Policy  States use to deal with other states  Dictated by cultural background , Islamic state would be very different in how it views Islamic states versus non-islamic states  It is a set of political goals that seek to outline how a particular state will deal with impo world issues as well as interact other states in the IS system  It is the scope of involvement aborad and the collection of goals , strategies, and instruments that are selected by governmental policy makers (Rosneau, 1976)  For example the United States of America : GHADIFI go, he must go ;  The foreign policy process: How policy decisions are formed , put on the agenda and implemented  States use foreign policy as a evidence of what they can do and what they do not want to do  Issues such as trade , immigration , transcends between Domestic and International politics  Domestic politics and Foreign policy are different  These are the strategies government use to guide their actions for international area  Is a set of gals outlining how countries would interact with others economically , politically , socially and military  It stipulates the objectives state leaders have decided to pursue in a given relationship or situation.  Its design to promote states interests, national security, ideological goals and prosperity (economic, social ) Designed foreign policy to promote  China cultural centuries in Africa and Latin America ( all within its foreign policy create social ties with china and others)  United State does not negotiate with terrorists  The process of foreign policy decision-making is key in international relations  Forces that drive foreign policy : political , ideological , moral , economic  Actors that contribute to foreign policy : the President/Pm , Legislature , the foreign policy bueracracy , advisors cabinet officials , political parties , courts  United States values democracy, and it is very insistent on that being apart of its foreign policy.  National interests- what is best for the country  Foreign policy is a process it becomes political because it goes through stages , individuals ,  States foreign policy national interest reflects the elite , the people in charge. National Interest  Refers to what is best for the state  State : concept referring to governmental instiutitons through which elites/policy makers act on behalf of the people within a given territory  With the political struggle , whose interest is the national interest ? Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy  Foreign policy is also shaped by the society within which decision makers operate  Bureaucracies , Interest groups , Military- Industrial complex, public opinion , Legislature Bureaucracy  Government agencies that affect decision making  The defense department and the state department are key in foreign policy decision making  Diplomats are very influential in foreign policy decision making  Interagency tension occurs frequently  Eg the military and CIA V state department hostage crisis in 1979 Interest Groups  Are a coalition of people who share common interest and try to influence some political outcome  They provide financial support to decisison makers and use the lobbying process to influence decisions on some set of issues  EG Cuban American lobby to enforce US sanctions against Cuba  Lobbying : the process of talking with legislations or officials to influence their decisions of set of issues  Interest groups goals may not coincide with the national interest. Military-Industrial Complex  An interlocking network of government agencies , industrial corporations , research institues , that work together to supply a nation’s military force  Was
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