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Political Science
M.Hoffmann- Universityof Toronto

LECTURE 2 – POLB80 – September 18 2012-09-22 Prof. Hoffmann - What’s happening in the world?  Iran – Israel- US dispute  Israel says Iran has a bomb in its way  US trying to stop nuclear weapons in Israel  Israel says they don’t have weapons  Iran’s nuclear weapon threatens Israel  US doesn’t want another military intervention  US worked with the United Nations and they put sanctions on Iran so they won’t make more nuclear weapons - Security Council – US, China, Britain, Russia, France - NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) – 1968 – prevented the spread of nuclear weapons  Not acquire nuclear weapons  Work to disarm and provide technical assistance for civilian uses of nuclear power - Israel never signed NPT - International laws must be obeyed only when you have consented to it - Sovereignty is not absolute - Security Council has the right to enforce International law - Pakistan and India withdraw in NPT - Iran is still in NPT but Iran says they’re not making any nuclear weapons - NPT is not really solving dilemmas - US went into Iraq in 1990 but this time the United Nations supported them. If they did not have backup, US have to pay for the mission itself. - How did we get here? - What is world politics? - Multiple History - Western civilization – Why we got here  Roman empire --> to  modern states - State system came from Europe - Multiple ways that world politics can be organized - WWI and WWII effects of depression – failure of international relation, cold war - Development if International Relation in Western domination - There are multiple story lines - Development of sovereignty - Huge diversity in the ancient world but today we have sovereignty - Evolution of Sovereignty - Sovereignty - Having power over your own country (having authority to make the rules over defined territory) - In modern states – federal government is the highest authority (monopoly legitimate force) It speaks for the country in International Relations forum - States govern within its country - No authority and territory always matched one to one  Ancient empires, overlapping authorities and multiple authorities in ancient times  Feudal Europe (Catholic Church) – Pope was in charge within that. At this time, they had kings.  ‘Crazy quilt’ – overlapping authorities and multiple authorities, city-states  Overtime, we got into this
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