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POLB90 – Tuesday September 14, 2010 - Lecture 1  What is “Development”?  Progress in economics/politics  Improving quality of life  Social mobility o How do we measure it?  GDP  Life expectancy  Income/household  Development Index: UN  Literacy rates  Inflation rates o What part of the worlds had earliest forms of “development”?  London industrialization period  At one point or another exery country has been through a point of development  Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian civilizations  Government: Greeks, Romans, Turkey empire, India, China o Who has it now?  Western Europe, North America  China, India and Brazil are very rapidly emerging markets known today  Japan (“global north”) o The standard intro to Development Studies textbooks  Speech given by Harriet Truman, President of USA, is where development is noted to have began.  Division of labour? Why wasn’t that mentioned?  Adam Smith’s notes  How do we identify the rise of capitalism?  The “Old World” o Long distance land and sea routes fostered cultural/commercial exchanges o A form of globalization before Columbus crossed to the New World o Ottoman Empire o Atlantic world was discovered in the 15 , contours of the world shifted dramatically  Slave trade – can be looked at processes of under development  “Improvement” in 18 Century England o Holland was successful because it had wide doors to immigration o “improvement” was a word used by political economists (Adam Smith etc) o Definition: you have matter/substance, and add processes of human labour such as mental and physical labour (observation w
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