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Lecture 5


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Political Science
R Rice

LECTURE 5Democratization and Development OUTLINEI Democracy DefinedII Transitions to DemocracyIII Democracy and DevelopmentIV Democracy and Market Reform I Democracy DefinedPolitical Liberalizationaka democratic transition the reform of authoritarianism and the extension of basic freedomsafter the first election Democratic Consolidationentrenchment of democratic institutions practices and values in society Criteria for Democracyhave inclusive citizenshipmust be open to all members of society eg universal sufferage eg mexicocouldnt vote unless fluent in spanish but thats not their first language rule of law freedom of expressionreligion free and fair elections equality in votingeach person has one vote citizens control of the agendaby voting for a rep we can control policies freedom of associationcan join parties civilian groups interest groups civilian control on the militaryhave to impartialLiberal Democracy a democracy that not only has free and fair elections but also respects civil liberties and upholds basic freedomsmost demo in south dont match up to thisthey are minimalists In the US Electoral Democracy a democracy that holds relatively fair contested elections with near universal suffrage on a regular basis bare bones democracy chua backlash not satisfactoryif all you do is to vote every 4 years and have nothing to do with the policies In global south Social Democracy a democracy that not only offers fair elections and upholds basic civil and political liberties but also extends basic social and economic rightsscandinavian countries all people have equal access to health care and educationregardless of ethnicity gender age economic status Prerequisites for Democracy1 social and economic modernization
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