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Lecture 11


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R Rice

LECTURE 11: Agrarian Reform and the Politics of the Countryside I. Landlords and Peasants II. Why Peasants Rebel III. Agrarian Reform Programs IV. Rural Sector Strategies V. Course Evaluation _____________________________________________________________ Importance of Rural Development 1. The most acute forms of poverty, inequality and political oppression are found in the countryside 2. Rural poverty and inequality feed political instability and violence 3. Agriculture is a sector in which employment opportunities and productivity gains could be generated at low cost. I. Landlords and Peasants Haciendas: Large landed estates comprising hundreds or thousands of hectares. Extent of exploitation of the local population by the landlords was limited by patron-client relationships. II. Why Peasants Rebel 1. When rural modernization threatens the peasantry’s traditional way of life and moral economy (Introduction of market forces, such as sugar and coffee, fighting for their products b/c it is too risky to grow those goods) 2. When landowners abandon traditional protections for the peasantry in favour of market competition. 3. When the peasantry’s access to land and livelihood are jeopardized. (e.g landless wage labours, peasants without secure title to land) III. Agrarian Reform Programs Agrarian Reform- The expropriation and redistribution of private and/or public farmland from large landowners to landless peasants or small holders. May or May not include Monetary compensation for large landowners 1 Accompanying agricultural subsidies, credits, market across and training for small owners. Benefits of Agrarian Reform - Political stability - Improves equi
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